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Franco-Scottish Society of Scotland Lecture (formerly Lansdowne Lecture)

Previous Lansdowne Lectures
1988 M Michel Duchein, Inspecteur Général des Archives de France,  “Marie de Guise”
1989 Prof Silvere Monod, Université, Paris 3 « Johnson and Boswell’s Tour of Scotland »
1991 M Luc de la Barre de Nanteuil“David”
1993 Mr Charles McKean, Secretary of RIAS « Scottish Renaissance Architecture »
1995 Sir David Edward, European Court of Justice, “Justice in Europe”
1996 Prof Alan Steele, University of Edinburgh, “Some French Impressions of Scotland”
1998 Prof Jacques Leruez CBE “Auld Alliance, New Alliances: Scotland and France in Europe next century”
2000 Prof Sian Reynolds, “Patrick Geddes and the Exposition Universelle in Paris”
2002 HE The French Ambassador, Jean Guéguinou“Cultural Diversity: France’s Strategy, Europe’s Ambitions”
2004 Prof Hew Strachen, All Souls College, Oxford “Cemented by War: the Entente Cordiale and the First World War”
2006 Dr Jamie Reid Baxter, “George Buchanan: Scotland’s Voice in France”
2008 Philip Long, Senior Curator, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, “The Scottish Colourists”
2010 Prof Pamela Robertson “Rennie Mackintosh in Port Vendres”
2012 HE The French Ambassador , Bernard Emié, “The UK and France, two major players in Europe and the World”
2014 Profs Philippe Contamine and James Laidlaw, “Two Kingdoms in Peril: Scotland and France (1418-1429)
2016 Dr Frances Fowle, International Director, Edinburgh College of Art, “Alex Reid and the Scottish Taste for French 19th century  Art”