Franco-Scottish Society Lectures

Every two years an eminent speaker is invited to talk on a theme of Franco-Scottish interest before an audience made up of members, guests and the general public..

Details of lectures from previous years can be viewed below:

Lansdowne Lecture 2016

Alex Reid, Glasgow Art Dealer

Alex Reid and the Scottish Taste for French 19th century Art

The 2016 Lecture was given by Dr Frances Fowle, ECA International Director, Reader in History of Art, Senior Curator at the Scottish National Gallery.

The title was "Dealing in Impressionism: Alex Reid and the Scottish taste for French 19th century Art". The lecture was delivered in the Glasgow City Chambers on 12th November 2016.

More than 70 people arrived to hear Dr Fowle, talk about the art collectors from Glasgow in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, especially those with an interest in contemporary French painting.

Dr Fowle is the author of a biography on Alexander Reid the well-known Glasgow art dealer, who for a short time. shared a flat in Paris with the van Gogh brothers. Vincent van Gogh’s portrait of Alex Reid is now part of the Glasgow Museums Collection.

The talk was extremely informative and thoroughly entertaining. More than 50 members of the Franco-Scottish Society listened to the talk before leaving for an enjoyable lunch at the Cote Brasserie West Nile Street.

Lansdowne Lecture 2014

Charles VII, King of Bourges

Two Kingdoms in Peril, Scotland and France (1418 – 1429), Military and Diplomatic Relations

Professor Philip Contamine, Emeritus Professor of Mediaeval History, University of Paris-Sorbonne, spoke on Scottish Military Assistance to Charles VII, “King of Bourges”.

He was followed by Professor James Laidlaw, Emeritus Professor of French, Aberdeen University and Honorary Professor at Edinburgh University, who spoke about The Treaty of Perth (1428) – The Embassy of Alain Chartier.

The Lecture was delivered in the historic Kirk of St John’s in Perth and followed by lunch in "Pighalle" a local French Restaurant.

Lansdowne Lecture 2012

38th G8 Summit

The United Kingdom and France, two major players in Europe and in the world

The Lansdowne Lecture of November 2012 took place in the Royal Society of Edinburgh. His Excellency the French Ambassador, Monsieur Bernard Emié, spoke about the importance of Franco-British relations in present-day Europe, highlighting areas of collaboration between the two nations and their close links in several key areas of economic activity.

Lansdowne Lecture 2010

Porte-Vendres, Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Charles Rennie Mackintosh in Port-Vendres

The 2010 Lansdowne Lecture was delivered by Professor Pamela Robertson, an acknowledged expert in the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

The time and place for this year's lecture was the 18th November 2010 at the Glasgow City Chambers.

Professor Robertson explained with great skill, how his skills as an architect and draughtsman, combined with a passion for the natural world inspired his watercolours, making them unique and instantly recognisable.

The lecture was attended by more than 80 guests and the day was made more memorable for our visitors with museum visits and lunch, arranged by members of the Glasgow Branch of the Franco-Scottish Society and their President, Jacqueline McNeill.

Lansdowne Lecture 2008

The Water Vase, F.C.B Cadell

The Scottish Colourists

This year's lecture was given on 13th November 2008, at Perth Concert Hall by Philip Long, Senior Curator for the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

Lansdowne Lecture 2006

George Buchanan, Arnold Bronckhorst

George Buchanan, Scotland’s Voice in France

The lecture in 2006 was given by Dr Jamie Reid Baxter in the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh.

This marked the five-hundredth anniversary of the birth of George Buchanan, historian, scholar and teacher.

Dr Reid Baxter has kindly provided a transcript of the lecture and a selection of the psalms.

A transcript of the lecture can be downloaded by clicking on the link. Buchanan.doc

The Psalms listed below are in MP3 format and can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:





Lansdowne Lecture 2004

John Bull, Marianne and Kaiser Bill

Cemented by war: the Entente Cordiale and the First World War

he 2004 Lansdowne Lecture was given by Professor Hew Strachan of All Souls College, Oxford, at Glasgow's City Chambers.

Lansdowne Lecture 2002

European Defence Strategy

Cultural Diversity: France’s Strategy and Europe’s Ambitions

The 2002 Lecture was given by HE Jean Guéguinou, Ambassadeur de France and Honorary President of the Association Franco-écossaise.

A transcript of his lecture appeared in the 2003 Bulletin and is available by clicking on the following link.

Lansdowne Lecture 2000

Paris World Fair, 1900

Professor Geddes goes to the Exhibition: Patrick Geddes’s international diplomacy at the 1900 Paris World’s Fair

The Lansdowne Lecture in 2000 was delivered by Professor Siân Reynolds from the University of Stirling.

A transcript of her lecture appeared in the 2001 Bulletin and is available by clicking on the following link.

Lansdowne Lecture 1998

Francis II and Mary Queen of Scots

Auld Alliance, New Alliances: Scotland and France in Europe's next century

The Lansdowne Lecture in 1998 was delivered by Professor Jacques Leruez CBE

Lansdowne Lecture 1996

Tam O'Shanter, Alexander Goudie

Some French Impressions of Scotland

The Lansdowne Lecture in 1996 was delivered by Professor Alan Steele from the University of Edinburgh

Lansdowne Lecture 1995

European Courts of Justice, Luxembourg

Justice in Europe - the European Court of Justice

The Lansdowne Lecture in 1995 was delivered by Sir David Edward

Lansdowne Lecture 1993

The Courtyard, Linlithgow Palace

Scottish Renaissance Architecture

The Lansdowne Lecture in 1993 was delivered by Mr Charles McKean, Secretary of the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS).

Lansdowne Lecture 1991

The Death of Marat, Jacques-Louis David


The Lansdowne Lecture in 1991 was delivered by Monsieur Luc de la Barre de Nanteuil

Lansdowne Lecture 1989

Duart Castle, Isle of Mull

Johnson and Boswell’s Tour of Scotland

The Lansdowne Lecture in 1989 was delivered by Professor Silvere Monod from the Université de Paris 3.

Lansdowne Lecture 1988

Marie de Guise, Corneille de Lyon

Marie de Guise

The Lansdowne Lecture in 1988 was delivered by Monsieur Michel Duchein, Inspecteur Général des Archives de France.