Music at the Court of Versailles
The Talk starts promptly at 19.00 on Wednesday 11th December 2019, Royal George Hotel, Perth
Delivered in English with French Sub-Titles
What the talk is about

Prominent Court Musicians, Versailles

Next week's talk is about music-making at the Court of Louis XIV.

Our speaker this time is Christopher who will talk - and we hope, control the equipment at the same time!

The talk will describe how the Early Music Movement of the 1960's and 70's rediscovered the music from the French Baroque and through the combined efforts of performers and academics, has been able to bring the period back to life.

This presentation will include some audio and video clips to try and conjure an image of what life in Versailles might have been like for the people living at Court.

Louis XIV was an absolute monarch who combined the powers of Church and State, at the height of his power nobody could oppose him. During his reign, France became the most powerful nation in Europe, and wealthy from the money flowing in from its colonies.

Jean Baptiste Lully, Versailles

Using Music as his subject, Christopher will try to answer a question that has intrigued him for a long time: How did the Liberal Arts survive, let alone flourish under such a tyrannical regime"?

Despite unpromising circumstances, music reached a level of sophistication and grace that has never been equalled. A distinct French musical style developed under the controlling eye of the principal composer of the day, Jean Baptiste Lully.

Music was an essential part of the daily ritual of life at Court. Concerts were performed in public spaces, and in private apartments for amusement.

During the Baroque, instruments were modified for indoor performance, louder instruments became quieter and quiet instruments, louder.

The challenge for us all, is to travel back more than 3 centuries and reconnect with people who had very different expectations and lives from ours.

About the speaker - Christopher Lindsay

Formal Gardens, Blairgowrie

Christopher Lindsay retired from a career in Healthcare and lives with his wife Lucy, in Blairgowrie.

Many family members were medics, his Grandfather was a Gynacologist with the Indian Army.

Outwardly a Scientist but inwardly an Artist, his Grandfather's story perhaps helps to explain why he was never reconciled with his choices.

Despite Scottish ancestry - one of his ancestors was recorded as being a mole catcher from Ayrshire - he was educated just outside London.

He began his love affair with music at the age of three, but sadly his love wasn't accompanied by any ability to play an instrument or sing.

Following an audition for the school choir, he was asked by his music master if he could run - he replied innocently - yes sir.

Good, with a voice like that you'll need to!

He dedicates his talk, to those who possess the gift for music but can't run.

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