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Edinburgh Branch

Edinburgh Branch Programme 2021 – 2022

All meetings are held between 4.15pm and 6.15pm in the French Institute, 59-63 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1RN. (Unless otherwise stated)

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Wednesday 6th October
“Pot d’Accueil” and enrolment
(short presentations from speakers and branch partners able to attend)
(Previous Members and Guests only)

Wednesday 27th October
French Film Festival 2021
Richard Mowe (Talk delivered in French and English)

Wednesday 10th November
Les Forêts communales en Écosse et en France
Héloïse Le Moal (Talk delivered in French and English)

Wednesday 17th November at 5.00pm
Concours de l’écriture (supported by the Edinburgh Branch)
Remise des certificats et de prix aux lauréats. Exposition des textes sous forme de posters (French).


Wednesday 12th January
Concert: Music for Épiphanie
‘Cordes en Ciel’

Wednesday 26th January
Pretty costumes and rendering movement: Degas’ pretext for painting dancers?
Agnes Ness (Talk delivered in French and English)

Wednesday 16th February
Les James Gordon Bennett, journalistes: Un Éccossais à New York, un Américain à Paris
Dr Geoff Hare (Talk delivered in French)

Wednesday 16th March
Déjeuner des membres: venue to be confirmed
(Members and Guests only)

Wednesday 27th April
AGM and Quiz
(Members only)

Wednesday 18th May
Les 75 Feuillets de Proust
Professor Marion Schmid (Talk delivered in French)

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Office Bearers 2021 – 2022

Chair: Anne-Colette Lequet
Vice-Chair & Membership Secretary: Dr Geoff Hare
Honorary Treasurer: Tom Wight

Committee Members
Christiane Cooper
Warden Black

Subscription Rates
Ordinary Membership: £15.00 per annum
*Patron Membership: £35.00 per annum (includes membership of the French Institute)
Guests: £5.00 per visit

*Patron Membership
By becoming a member of the FSS Edinburgh Branch – with membership of the French Institute included – you will help support the Institute’s activities. You will also enjoy benefits and discounts at the institute and with their partners.
• Full borrowing rights at the institute’s multimedia library.
• Reduced rates for cultural events.
• Free admissions to the Ciné-Wednesday screenings.
• Full access to the online digital platform Culturethèque from your home.

• Concessionary rates at the Film House.
• Concessionary rates at the French Film Festival UK with screenings at Summerhall.
• 10% discount at Le Bistrot.
• 10% discount at Blackwell’s Edinburgh (South Bridge).