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Wednesday 11th May 2022, 6pm

Title: The Far Right in France and the 2022 Elections

Venue: Institut Français (Jacques Tati Room), 50-63, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1RF

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Panelist: Dr Émile Chabal (University of Edinburgh)

Panelist: Marta Lorimer (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Panelist: Timothy Peace (University of Glasgow)

(Discussion in English)

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French Elections, 2022
About the Discussion

In the second round of the French Presidential election, Marine Le Pen received over 41% of the vote, a historic score for a candidate/party of the far-right.

Despite losing the runoff against incumbent Emmanuel Macron, she declared this result as une éclatante victoire.

In addition to the progress of Le Pen and the Rassemblement National (RN) party, we have also seen the emergence of Eric Zemmour and the creation of his Reconquête party.

The far-right has never been so powerful in France and this echoes trends seen across the whole of Europe over the last decade.

In this event, three experts will discuss what this means for French politics, digest the results of the Presidential election and also look forward to the legislative elections that will take place in June.

Sponsor of the Talk

This event has been made possible thanks to an Arts and Humanities Research Grant from the Royal Society of Edinburgh. It is organised by the University of Glasgow in collaboration with the Franco-Scottish Society, Edinburgh Branch.