National Events for Members
The Annual General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting of the Society is held each calendar year in May or June , normally at one of the local branches in rotation.

This year’s National AGM was held in Perth Concert Hall on 31st May 2019.

The Exchange Visit

This is a biennial exchange visit organised by the Franco-Scottish Society of Scotland or the Association Franco-écossaise for members and guests of these sister societies.

The visits take place either in June or September usually for a week in a chosen region in France or Scotland around places of cultural and historic interest.

The last visit "Edimbourg et les Borders" took place in June 2018 in Scotland.

The next visit will take place in France in 2020. Watch this space!

The Annual Guest Speaker from France Lecture

Since 2012 inviting a guest speaker from France to speak to several branches during a week in February/March has provided branches with the opportunity of including in their monthly programme a speaker from further afield.

The 2018-19 lecture; “Translating Major Tom’s War: Grande Guerre, Petis Destins: la traduction” was given by Richard Kausch and Vee Walker in Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness in February 2019.

The 2019- 2020 lecture will be given by Sylvie Decaux, senior lecturer at the University Paris Descartes. She is course leader for diplomas in Bookselling, Library and Information Science and Publishing.

She has worked in publishing, and done research into book history (Victorian magazines, early Victorian crime fiction and series) as well as the current publishing scene both in France and in the UK and the United States. Her current research interests lie in environmental humanities and ecopoetics.

Sylvie Decaux CV

Trente-sept ans après la loi Lang sur le prix unique du livre et dans un contexte de concentration accrue de l'édition autour d'un nombre de plus en plus restreint de grands groupes, comment se portent la librairie et l'édition indépendantes en France.

L'intervention dressera un panorama général et s'attachera aussi à quelques études de cas. On tentera de montrer les spécificités françaises. Il sera intéressant d'échanger à l'issue de la présentation sur les réalités écossaises et de dresser des comparaisons.

  • Dates:
  • Tuesday 18th February 2020: Hosted by the Perth Branch
  • Wednesday 19th February 2020: Hosted by the Edinburgh Branch
  • Thursday 20th February 2020: Hosted by the Glasgow Branch
  • Friday 21st February 2020: Hosted by the St Andrews Branch

(Guests Welcome)