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Friday 18th March 2022, 19:00hrs

Title: Meet the Author, Samira Sedira

Venue: The Royal George Hotel, George Street, Perth PH1 5LD

For Non-Members: Please email us if you want to attend.

Speaker: Mme. Samira Sedira

(Talk delivered in French)

Publicity Material - Talk Details in French and English

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Samira Sedira
About the Speaker

Samira Sedira is a French-Algerian novelist, playwright, and actress (both theatre and film).

She studied at l’École de la Comédie de Saint-Etienne and now lives in the Paris region.

Her latest novel “Des gens comme eux" (People like them): Bloomsbury Raven Books, was translated into English in July 2021.

  • Her novels:
  • First novel in 2013: l’odeur des Planches, Adapted for the stage in 2014
  • Second novel in 2016 : Majda en août
  • Third novel in 2018 : La faute à Saddam (Prix Exbrayat des Lycéens)
  • Fourth novel in 2020 : Des gens comme eux

  • Her topics of interest:
  • French society, class division, money and status, identity and racism, self-image and dignity, and the complexity of human relations.
  • Her novels deal with the problems encountered by children of immigrants. In particular, their integration into Society and their relationship with the French language.

Like many actors and actresses, when work was scarce, she had to support herself by cleaning other people's houses, this experience has given her an uncompromising and direct experience of life which informs her work.

People like Them, 2021
About the Evening

Samira will take as a starting point, her most recent novel, Des gens comme eux, Editions du Rouergue 2020 translated into English as “People like them” which was published by Bloomsbury Raven Books in the U.K. and Random House, Penguin Books in the U.S.A.

  • Her novels focus on:
  • La famille et les relations sociales”, which is a topic that will be of special interest to students of Higher French.
  • She will also touch on “vivre dans une société multiculturelle” which is relevant, and of interest to both Higher and Advanced Higher students.

Your Moderator for the evening is the Head of Library at the Institut Français, Catherine Guiat, who will be asking leading questions, which Samira will elaborate upon.

Catherine is a member of the FSS (Edinburgh Branch) and a native French speaker, she is also very familiar with the author's work.

It promises to be a wonderful evening.