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Wednesday 9th February 2022, 7.00pm

Title: Intergenerational Creative Writing Workshop

Venue: The Byre Theatre (Levy Studio), Abbey Street, St Andrews, Fife KY16 9LA

For Non-Members: If you want to enrol, please send us an email.

Speaker: Dr Elise Hugueny-Léger

(Workshop supervised in French and English)

Directions to the Byre Theatre...

Creative Writing Workshop
About the Talk

This workshop is open to any level of French, from beginners to advanced.

This creative writing workshop brings together members of the Franco-Scottish Society and undergraduate students enrolled on the module ‘Creative writing in French’.

It is an opportunity for participants from different generations, backgrounds and levels of French to experiment with writing techniques, share their pieces and memories arising from the writing process.

Participants will be given writing prompts and time to write their own pieces, with help at hand from staff teaching on the module.

They will then be given the opportunity to share their pieces and discuss the writing process.

Dr Elise Hugueny-Léger
About the Speaker

Elise is a Senior Lecturer in French, who joined the department in 2008.

Her teaching and research are mainly focused on life-writing, contemporary literature, and creative writing practices.

Currently she is working on the involvement of writers in writing workshops, multilingual creative writing processes, and the interaction between research and creation.

Elise will be joined by other members of the French Department, who also teach on the Creative writing in French course: Dr David Evans, Dr Elodie Laügt and Dr Pauline Souleau.