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Table of Resources

Title Branch Date Author Summary Download
François René de Chateaubriand Perth 9th May 2016 Walter Perrie Not available Lecture Download
Martine Guénais Perth 14th September 2015 Lucyna Lindsay Lecture Summary Lecture Download
Festival des Jardins a Chaumont-sur-Loire Glasgow 29th October 2015 Mme Cécile Docherty Lecture Summary Lecture Download
History of the Franco-Scottish Society Perth 16th March 2016 Lucyna Lindsay Not available Lecture Download
The Life and Times of Coco Chanel Perth 16th March 2016 Marie-Christine Graham Lecture Summary Lecture Download
Cathédral d’Amiens Edinburgh 16th March 2016 Mr Tom Wight Lecture Summary Not available
Chateau Guédelon Glasgow 16th March 2016 Dr Carol Woodward Lecture Summary Lecture Download